Book review: Sensual Attractions by A. J. Karan

If there is somebody you have longed for, the magic in this book can bring that person to you. If you want casual sex with attractive people, the magic here works. If you’re looking for true love, this magic can set the wheels of passion in motion.This highly sought-after volume is available once more. A. J. Karan combines ancient magic with modern ideas, to bring new passion into your life.You will discover:Magic to attract the person you desire.A talisman that turns attraction into love.A ritual to create a magnetic aura of seduction.True seduction is the art of attracting the people who will please you most, sexually and emotionally. At its best, seduction is a gift to the one you seduce.This book gives you the tools you need to create a powerful magical energy that attracts romance, love and sex.

Seduction is one of the areas of life which has the potential to bring people the most pleasure and the most pain. If people are able to effectively move through life getting what they want and need out of romance and relationships then they are sure to be spared the pain of heartbreak and loneliness. If people are unable to master this area of existence then they set themselves up for disappointment and despair. Most people stumble through life, never taking conscious control of their seductive efforts, never figuring out exactly what it is that makes some people masters of seduction, and other people permanently alone and bitter. This book SENSUAL ATTRACTIONS by A. J. Karan represents the pinnacle of dark seductive knowledge which has been collected, tested and understood by the seduction community. The fact that a secret society of seducers exists at all will be news to some people. This knowledge is so powerful that some governments have literally banned people from teaching it within their nation. Some of the most devastatingly effective pickup techniques of all time are detailed within these pages. They may shock and surprise readers – but they may well seduce them at the same time. What follows is a practical, psychological and philosophical exploration of the topic of seduction, conducted from a dark perspective. It aims only to uncover the truth behind the secrets of seduction and present real, tried and tested information without any spin, gloss or romantic distortion.The book is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind. It is amoral and will shock many. Proceed with caution.

You can read the book, as the book holds different charm of literature.

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