“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”


Few losses are as painful as the death of someone you love. No valley is as vast as grief, no journey as personal and life-changing. Compassionate and wise guides, Sana Rose, shine a light on the road through grief. They can help you endure the anguish; understand the stages of grief; sort through the emotions of anger, guilt, fear and depression; and face the God who allowed you to lose the one you love. This series of thoughtful daily devotions shares wisdom, insight and comfort that will help hurting people through and beyond their grief.

I never ever leave reviews but this book is so powerful that I felt the need to. This book has helped me deal with my grief and realize some emotions that I wasn’t trying to deal with. Very quick chapters, that get to the raw feelings that we have with losing someone so close to us. No sugar coating the grief. Grief is painful and hard and difficult to navigate but this book has helped me not only turn my life over to God but help my mind and heart process the pain. Wonderful book and I would like to buy many copies for others going through this painful journey too.

I can’t say enough about the healing aspect of this book. We all experience the death of someone close to us from time to time. The chapters are very short and easy to read and bring meaning to the loss and how to navigate through the pain. Every aspect of loss is covered with God being the central figure – and that in itself is what kept me going. It’s not an overly religious book but that aspect of it kept me focused on the fact that God IS in control and cares about our sorrow and pain.

Once read, it becomes a tremendous reference book for quick pick-me-ups when needed because you can easily pin point the area of help you want. The book can be applied to any kind of painful loss.

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